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Nottinghamshire weather forecast for Thursday 31 August

Nottinghamshire weather for 31 August. According to the Met Office, Thursday will start off fine and bright but will see increasing cloud cover and outbreaks of rain as the day progresses.


The day will kick off with a fine and bright start, offering a glimmer of sunshine for early risers. Maximum daytime temperatures are expected to reach 19°C, making it a relatively warm day for the end of summer. Light southeasterly winds will be present, but they are expected to pick up speed and become fresh by the afternoon.


Cloud cover is expected to thicken throughout the afternoon, leading to outbreaks of rain that will spread northeastwards later in the day. These rain showers are predicted to reach most places by dusk, so it would be wise to carry an umbrella if you plan to be out and about.

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As the evening sets in, the region will remain cloudy with some light rain, mostly likely across the northeast. The far southwest of Nottinghamshire may escape the rain and stay mainly dry. Minimum nighttime temperatures will drop to around 12°C.

The UV index for the day is moderate. Pollution levels are expected to remain low, and the pollen count is moderate.

Looking Ahead

For those planning their weekend, Friday promises a cloudy morning with further outbreaks of light rain. However, the rain is expected to turn showery in the afternoon, with some heavier bursts possible. Light winds are expected, and the maximum temperature could reach up to 21°C.

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Today: Thursday

A fine and bright to start. Cloud thickening through the afternoon, with outbreaks of rain spreading northeastwards later in the day and reaching most places by dusk. Light southeasterly winds becoming fresh in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 19 °C.


Cloudy, with some outbreaks of rain, mostly light. These most likely across the northeast of the region, with the far southwest perhaps staying mainly dry. Minimum temperature 12 °C.


A cloudy morning, with further outbreaks of light rain. Rain turning showery in the afternoon, with some heavier burst possible as well as a few brighter spells. Light winds. Maximum temperature 21 °C.

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