Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Nottinghamshire weather forecast for Thursday 6 July

The day will start with sunny intervals, offering a pleasant start to the day.

However, by late morning, the skies will turn cloudy, bringing a shift in the atmosphere.

The maximum daytime temperature is predicted to reach a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius, while the minimum nighttime temperature will dip to a cooler 14 degrees Celsius.

Despite the cloud cover, the UV index is expected to be moderate, so advice is to take necessary precautions if they plan to spend extended periods outdoors.

In terms of air quality, pollution levels are expected to be low, providing a breath of fresh air for those with respiratory conditions. However, hay fever sufferers should take note as the pollen count is forecasted to be high.

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As the day concludes with the sunset at 21:31, the people of Nottinghamshire can look forward to a relatively mild evening.

Despite the changing weather conditions, the chance of precipitation remains low throughout the day, ensuring a dry day for all.


Dry and bright for most of the day with plenty of sunny spells. Risk of the odd light shower developing in the afternoon. Winds mostly light Maximum temperature 21 °C.


Any daytime showers quickly dissipating with prolonged clear spells developing across the region throughout the evening. Winds starting light but becoming breezy from midnight Minimum temperature 13 °C.

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