Tuesday 26 October 2021
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Notts can play a major role in government’s green energy revolution, says councillor

Councillor Mike Adams, vice chairman of the Transport and Environment Committee, has reacted to the latest announcement from government that it will commit to bring forward by, another year, its deadline to end the UK reliance on coal for electricity by 2040. 

The government ran a consultation from 14 December 2020 to 26 February 2021 seeking views on proposals to bringing forward the deadline for phasing out unabated coal-fired generation in Great Britain to 1 October 2024.

In 2020, 43 per cent of electricity was generated from renewable sources including wind, solar, bio energy and hydro, with coal only accounting for less than 1.8 per cent. As little as nearly ten years ago coal accounted for 40 per cent of the UK’s power generation.

Councillor Adams said:

“I really welcome this announcement from government. We must seize all opportunities to renew our calls to put Nottinghamshire at the forefront of the government’s plans for greener and cleaner energy. The work towards sustainable energy sources shows how far the country has come in terms of expertise, technology and our mindsets towards renewables.

“When you consider that Nottinghamshire was once a powerhouse for coal and it seems fitting that it could one day become the heart of the government’s green revolution.

“We reported earlier in the month that two sites in the county have progressed to the next stage for consideration for the government’s world leading STEP programme.

“The UK Government is bidding to be the first to develop a commercial power station that will use the energy produced by fusion reactions to generate electricity. Fusion offers an inherently safe and virtually limitless source of clean electricity by copying the processes that power the sun. Two sites in Nottinghamshire, Ratcliffe on Soar and West Burton A – near Retford could be at the centre of that revolution and I for one am very excited about the prospect.

Read more about the government announcement: End to coal power brought forward to October 2024 – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)