Notts hair transplant patient builds international business

© Picture by Steve Hill. Spencer Stevenson pictured at home in Farndon, Nottinghamshire

A hair transplant patient has built a global mentoring business after sharing his experiences of botched procedures with others.

Spencer Stevenson spent his life savings on several surgeries both in the UK and US before finally finding a solution to his own hair loss problems.

But after sharing his story online he found himself in demand from men, and some women, across the world, who looked to him as a mentor.

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Clients have included Hollywood elite and professional sports stars, including high profile footballers. His story will be told on ITV’s ‘Save Money: Good Health’ with Sian Phillips on 7 February.

The former property developer from Nottinghamshire now works one to one with clients from as far away as Australia and the US.

He says helping others to find a solution to their hair loss has become a real passion and has opened up a rewarding new career path for him.

His credibility as a patient who has had his own turbulent journey through the ups and downs of hair restoration means he is uniquely placed to offer support and guidance.

Unlike other hair loss experts he isn’t trying to sell any particular surgery or clinic but is instead able to act as an emotional sounding board to others.

He now helps co-host an online radio show all around the issues of hair loss, which attracts an audience of more than 100,000 each week.

Spencer suffered from low self-esteem after he started losing his own hair at the tender age of just 21.

He went on to spend thousands of pounds throughout his twenties on so-called remedies and botched surgeries.

It was only after years of painstaking research and self-experimentation that he finally found a surgical solution to his problem and now enjoys a full head of hair.

But it was only after he began sharing his experiences on a blog that he realised he has become a world authority on hair loss and restoration – almost by accident.

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He said: “Hair loss can cripple one’s confidence and like many others I went through my own personal hell.

“I was determined to overcome it but I went on to make every possible mistake, endured painful botched surgeries and wasted thousands of pounds.

“Yet at the end of it all I found my own solution and later realised my experiences were worth sharing. Since then I haven’t looked back.”

He found that while millions of men worried about losing their hair, most were misinformed about the facts and options available when it came to treatments and preventative measures.

Spencer added: “The reason that I first decided to speak out about my hair transplant surgeries was due to the increasing amount of false information that was misguiding vulnerable hair loss sufferers, which can have serious emotional and financial effects on people.”

His website now receives tens of thousands of hits per week and his eBook ‘The Hair Raising Truth’ has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

This and the success of The Bald Truth radio show have helped him achieve a growing profile and attract the attention of several high profile clients – although he remains tight-lipped when it comes to naming them.

He said: “I can’t reveal any names, but I’m often being contacted by celebrities who fear that losing their hair also means losing their career.

“It’s great to be able to offer them the confidence and support they need, as the more regularly footballers and stars of the screen put hair transplant surgery in the public eye, the more confident hair loss sufferers are to openly talk about their own anxieties.”

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This success continues to make Spencer the poster boy of hair loss treatment, and he now collaborates with a number of companies such as American Crew, Fudge hair care, Ape to Gentlemen and Nanogen hair growth to pioneer new ways of engaging people in the hair loss conversation.

He said: “It’s flattering to be able to work with so many different brands and companies to continue the good work that Spexhair is doing. I seem to get more offers every year from hair care products and brands seeking to work with us, which is a great sign that the stigma around getting hair loss treatment is continuing to be lifted.

“For me it just seemed simple logic that people wanted to hear the facts in plain English from someone who is on their side, and can relate to the issues that they are going through.

“The success that Spexhair continues to have is a sign to me that men are feeling increasingly comfortable talking about their issues surrounding hair loss, and as long as this continues its only looking positive ahead.

“What started out for me as simply a hobby and a desire to help prevent men from going down the same dark path that I went down after my hair loss has turned into a daily role that has literally helped hundreds of thousands of people cope with their hair loss.

“Every year we seem to be helping more people, and if this trend continues then hopefully we can all put this stigma around hair loss to bed once and for all.”

Catch Spencer Stevenson talking about his journey and the success of Spexhair on ‘Save Money: Good Health’ with Sian Phillips on February 7th on ITV1. For more information visit