Thursday 9 December 2021
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Public Health Directors message to residents: ‘Stick to the roadmap!’ as Covid cases not declining enough across the city and county and a third wave expected

Public Health Directors for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire urge people to stick to the roadmap as some restrictions change on Monday 29 March.

Alison Challenger, Public Health Director for Nottingham city said: – ‘My message to the public is stay with the roadmap, we simply can’t rush it we are seeing new cases of coronavirus plateau.

‘We are not seeing a decline across the area that we would like to see – if people relax to much  rates will go up – of course we are testing in schools and this will show more new cases, of course, but that’s not the whole picture, many people will be asymptomatic.’

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Jonathan Gribbin, Public Health Director for Nottinghamshire said:

‘The vaccines are proving to be very effective and in Nottinghamshire we have a rollout process that has been very successful, even so, we need to keep in mind that the vaccines alone aren’t sufficient to cope with everything the virus throws at us. As we progress through the roadmap this will bring further pressure on case rates. As long as they remain at manageable levels that’s ok, my concern is that Nottingham and Nottinghamshire rates are at a high level, I’m concerned that when a third wave hits us, out local NHS and care system may suffer – it’s vital that we stick to Hands, Face, Space and get tested and self-isolate should we get symptoms.

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