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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Notts residents join People’s March in London


People from the Nottingham area took part in the People’s Vote campaign in London on Saturday.

Members of the Notts European Movement and the People’s Vote Campaign joined them in an estimated rally of about a million from all parts of the UK, to demand a final say on EU membership.

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They heard a wide variety of speakers among them, London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Labour’s John McDonnell, Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry, and West Bridgford resident, Susan Martin of the People’s Vote.

David Childs of Chair of the Notts European Movement, commented, ‘Despite a drop of rain, it was inspiring, a great day!’

Former deputy Prime Minister, Lord Michael Heseltine, received an enthusiastic reception when he told his audience: “We believe that only the British people are entitled to take the most important decision of modern times.

“We are fighting for British influence in a fast changing world. We are fighting to give our children and grandchildren their place in that world. There is only one argument that really drives their opposition to a referendum: they think they will lose it.”

Among the other speakers were Sandi Toksvig, Great British Bake Off presenter, Liberal Democrat Leader, Jo Swinson, and her colleague, Ed Davey, MP.

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