Tuesday 27 February 2024
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Notts school locked down after ‘intruder seen with a knife’ outside

Retford Oaks Academy was locked down this morning.

Police in East Bassetlaw said: “We are aware that rumours on social media are circulating in relation to Retford Oaks Academy.

“We can confirm we received a call from the school this morning at 10.20 hours in relation to a possible intruder being seen by pupils on the perimeter bordering the woods.

“The school was locked down with immediate effect for the safety of the students and staff.”

“There was speculation about the intruder having a knife however this is not confirmed and has not been witnessed by anyone.

“We can confirm that no entry was gained to the school and staff and police will continue to patrol the area and be vigilant.

“The school’s prompt and effective actions were excellent and greatly appreciated in an effort to keep everyone safe.”

Police later added that ‘no incident had occurred.’