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NUH fails to clear backlog of 41 serious maternity investigations by target date

The Trust set itself a target date of December 2022.

Nottingham University Hospitals Trust (NUH) currently has 68 outstanding maternity incidents in total which have not yet been investigated. 41 of these are incidents were reported prior to September 2022 that the trust hoped to complete by December.

20 SIs in the pre-September list have been completed.

In September there were a reported 61 outstanding serious incidents.

Serious incidents ( SIs ) are unexpected or unintended events that could cause or have caused NHS patients harm.

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NUH had previously said it had a target completion date for investigations by December 2022 –  but in the November board meeting, the director of midwifery admitted they had not progressed as quickly as she would have hoped.

Board papers released ahead of the board meeting which takes place this Thursday 26 January states:

‘In September, we highlighted to the Board that there were 61 serious incident investigations, which were pending. Since this time, work has been done to enhance processes, assign additional resources and increase leadership oversight from the division to the executive.

‘As of 18th January 2023, there are 68 open SI’s on Strategic Executive Information System ( StEIS ).

‘This includes 41 which were part of the pre-14th September group (meaning we have so far completed 20 within this cohort, with several more due for closure w/c 23rd January 2023).

‘The 68 open SI’s also reflect those which have occurred post 14th September 2022.’

‘The aim is to eliminate all outstanding SI investigations (for those which occurred pre-14th Sept 22) by the end of March 2023.

‘This continues to be challenging but remains a firm commitment. A trajectory for completion has been developed and is reviewed weekly, so that any required mitigations can be identified.’

During November and December 2022 there were seven new Serious Incidents (SI) declared in Maternity Services.

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