Monday 4 December 2023
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NUH: Health Secretary announces Nottingham’s ‘new hospitals’ pledge pushed into next decade

All schemes within the 40 new hospitals plans were planned to be completed by 2030, according to the Conservative manifesto, but the announcement means eight schemes will now come later, including NUH.

The ‘Tomorrow’s NUH’ programme was described as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to redevelop hospital services to address health inequalities and spark economic regeneration.

Nottingham University Hospitals was chosen as one of 40 major hospitals to be funded by the Government to make the changes.

NUH works to provide plans for maternity and neonatal services being merged at Queen’s Medical Centre in a new Women’s and Children’s hospital were included in Cohort 4, as was a helipad – they have now been removed from the list of works planned for conpletion by 2030.

The Health Secretary said:

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‘In Nottingham, work will begin on a new surgical hub and three new operating theatres will begin as part of the wider redesign – taking forward the Ockenden Report recommendations.’

‘In summary Madam Deputy Speaker, the Cohort schemes will all proceed but the commitment to completion by 2030 applies to the 40 schemes set out today which meets our manifesto commitment to build 40 hospitals by 2030.’

NUH isn’t a scheme that was set out today by the Health Secretary.

Health secretary Steve Barclay has confirmed the schemes being pushed back are;

Queen’s Medical Centre ( QMC ) and Nottingham City Hospital

St Mary’s/Charing Cross/Hammersmith Hospitals (Imperial)

Royal Preston Hospital; Royal Lancaster Infirmary/Furness General

East Sussex Hospitals; Hampshire Hospitals

Royal Berkshire; and North Devon District Hospital.

However, work is expected to continue on the above hospitals’ business cases so they have funding certainty, alongside enabling works.

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