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Police say keep reporting nuisance off-road bikes in Nottinghamshire

Police have urged members of the public to keep on reporting illegal and nuisance off-road bikers as a local clamp-down continues.

Officers in Mansfield, who have urged residents to inform them in confidence of any illegal or antisocial behaviour they see, have seized 17 bikes over the last two months and put many more riders on notice about their behaviour.

Some of the bikes seized were later found to be stolen, whilst others were bought legally before being ridden illegally – often by unlicensed riders without tax or insurance.

Tackling the illegal and antisocial use of off-road bikes – including electric powered models – remains a key local priority, but police say there is only so much they can do without community support.

See it. Report it. Stop it.

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That’s why drivers, neighbours and others are being urged to ‘see it, report it and stop it’ by submitting small pieces of evidence that can later be used to take away bikes, issues fines and, if necessary, secure criminal charges.

Evidence can be submitted in confidence and includes dashcam footage, photographs and written accounts.

Even the smallest pieces of information are welcomed by officers who can then cross-reference key details against a growing weight of other evidence.

Speaking in Neighbourhood Policing Week, Inspector Kylie Davies, district commander for Mansfield, said:

“We know this kind of nuisance and dangerous riding is having a significant impact on our communities and we are determined to do something about it – but to do this we absolutely need the help of the public to tell us what they are seeing – right down to the clothes riders are wearing.

“In Mansfield we are dealing with two main types of incidents – riders trespassing on and damaging private land like The Desert, and individuals riding recklessly in residential areas.

“When we see this kind of behaviour we will always respond appropriately, but the greatest tool we have against this issue is information from members of the public.

“Even the smallest pieces of information can make a huge difference going forward. Because that person you saw pulling a wheelie down your street or doing wheelspins in your local park is also very likely to be doing it elsewhere – posing a significant danger to other road users and pedestrians as well as themselves.

“They are also likely to be riding an untaxed and uninsured bike that we can and will seize if we have evidence to do so. Over the last couple of months more and more riders have discovered for themselves just how seriously we take this issue and I would like to reassure all residents that – with their help – we will make things even more uncomfortable for the small number of riders who behave in this way.”

Responsible owners of road-legal bikes are also being urged to do their bit by ensuring their machines are kept safe and secure at all times.

Officers would like the following pieces of information to help tackle this issue:

  • Times, days and locations
  • The make, colour or size of a bike
  • Details of clothing, helmets and other distinguishing marks
  • And where motorcycles are kept.

Reports can be made:

  • Via the Nottinghamshire Police Dash Cam Portal (for images and videos).
    We will thoroughly investigate even if you do not wish to attend court
  • By calling 101
  • By emailing Mansfield Neighbourhoods Team at

Or by contacting Crimestoppers.

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