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Objections to plans to build 77 new homes next to a farm in Keyworth

Plans for 77 new homes in Keyworth are set to be discussed by councillors after concerned residents raised a string of issues with the development.

A total 99 residents objected to the plans put forward by developer Barratt Homes for Bunny Lane in Keyworth.

Some local councillors at Rushcliffe Borough Council also objected, claiming that as part of the Local Plan 2, Keyworth could accept around 600 new homes.

They said that so far 604 new homes have been granted planning permission – and a new development would exceed that number.


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Councillor Andy Edyvean said in planning documents: “It is impossible to build a development of this size adjacent to a busy working farm.

“There will be a significant impact on the ability of the farm to function without harming the quality of life of potential residents who might have the misfortune to move into the proposed development should permission be granted.

“It is our opinion that the revised noise and odour studies are deeply flawed and add no confidence to the development of this site.”

Keyworth Parish Council has objected to the plans, also claiming that the homes exceed the number which was allowed in the local plan and that the proximity to the farm is “unsuitable”.

Rushcliffe Borough Council planning committee officers have recommended the plans for approval subject to 34 conditions.

Objections put forward by residents stated: “The development site sits outside the agreed development site as part of the democratically voted Keyworth Neighbourhood Plan, there are currently three sties providing around 600 new houses and thus it is not required to remove greenbelt land for such development in this case.

“Local infrastructure such as parking, school spaces and GP surgery are
not able to cope with the influx of residents.

“It sets a dangerous precedent for future applications to be accepted if this
is allowed.”

They also raised issues with the design of the homes, the impact on local amenities, wildlife, flood risks, access to the site and the proximity to the working farm.

Others supported the development, saying that the area needs more housing and it might help with “declining facilities” in Keyworth.

Two, three and four and five-bedroom homes would be built if the development was approved – and 20% of them would be affordable.

A council document read: “The Environmental Health Officer has considered the submitted and amended reports regarding noise, odour and dust and have
concluded that the mitigation measures put forward are acceptable in terms of the amenity of the proposed properties.

“The development would provide direct and indirect employment benefits
supporting new jobs and creating economic growth resulting in expenditure to
the significant benefit of the settlement and local area, supporting local retail
and leisure services.

“Amendments have been made to the proposal, addressing the identified adverse impacts, thereby resulting in a more acceptable scheme
and the recommendation to grant planning permission.”

Rushcliffe Borough councillors will consider the plans on Thursday, November 11.

Barratt Homes did not respond to our request for comment.

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