Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Over 500 properties in NG2 area affected by power cut caused by underground network fault

Western Power Distribution says the incident started at 6:35 am on 4 July.

Latest update:

11:50 Mon 04 Jul 22

Estimated restoration time: 4:30pm Monday 4th July 2022

Properties off supply : 508

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Reason for outage: There is currently a fault on the underground network, we are working hard to resolve the issue.

WPD said:

‘We are aware of this power cut incident which was raised at 6:35am this morning and our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible.

‘We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.’

Screenshot 2022 07 04 at 11.59.43
This is the area affected

Post codes affected:

NG2 4AA NG2 4AB NG2 4AD NG2 4AE NG2 4HA NG2 4HB NG2 4HD NG2 4HE NG2 4HF NG2 4HLNG2 4JJ NG2 4JL NG2 4JN NG2 4JP NG2 4JQ NG2 4JR NG2 4JS NG2 4JW NG2 4JX NG2 4JZ NG2 4LE NG2 4PH NG2 4QB NG2 4QD NG2 4QE NG2 4QF NG2 4QG NG2 4QH NG2 4QL and NG2 4QZ.



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