Thursday 9 December 2021
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Over 98% of Nottinghamshire parents offered their preferred reception or primary school place for September

National Offer Day, Friday 16 April, sees parents across the country find out which school their child has been allocated for either a reception or a year 3 school place.

This year, 93% of Nottinghamshire children have been offered their parents’ first preference school for a reception place this September (2021). That is 8105 students out of a total of 8681 that applied on time for a school place.

Parents who applied online will be able to log on to their account to see their outcome on National Offer Day.  However, parents who applied by other means will be sent their outcomes by 2nd class post on National Offer Day.

Those who are happy with the place they have been offered should accept the offer and the school will then be in touch with them.

Parents who are unhappy with the place offered, should view the information on Nottinghamshire County Council’s website regarding the options available to them, including information about how to appeal.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Service Director for Children, Families and Cultural Services, Marion Clay said: “We are pleased that the number of Nottinghamshire residents securing a place at their first preference school is above 93%, and nearly 99% of residents living across the county have been offered one of their four preferred schools.

“This is positive news for parents across the county who are receiving their school place offers today.”

Parents can access further guidance, including information about appeals in the Frequently Asked Questions, and further information is available from Nottinghamshire County Council’s School Admissions Hub.