Over twenty vehicles stopped in Nottingham policing operation

The Operation Lumination team (a Hyson Green and Radford proactive team) worked with colleagues from Community Protection, the parking enforcement team, and Roads Policing and Road Crime units to conduct a safety and enforcement vehicle operation in Hyson Green and Radford today.

Notts Police said:

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‘Following concerns being raised by the local community with regards to the safety of cars and those being driven without tax and insurance, the Operation Lumination team and local police team have been working with partners to show we are committed to tackling issues raised by the community.

‘More than 20 vehicles were stopped and checks conducted on the cars and drivers. Two vehicles were seized due to the drivers being disqualified. Both drivers will be summoned to court.

‘One vehicle was seized due to the driver not having the correct insurance and five vehicles were seized under the DVLA foreign vehicle legislation as they were not correctly registered in the UK.

‘Numerous Traffic Offence Reports were submitted for offences including bald tyres, driving without a seatbelt, driving without MOT and using a mobile phone while driving. Two vehicles had prohibition notices issued due to the vehicles being unsafe.’