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Overnight police patrols increased after spate of Rushcliffe burglaries

Residents are being urged to be vigilant and take steps including securing outbuildings and visibly marking property to safeguard tools and equipment.


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Police are stepping up overnight patrols in rural areas of Rushcliffe after a spate of burglaries targeting sheds, garages and community buildings.

Residents are being urged to be vigilant and take steps including securing outbuildings and visibly marking property to safeguard tools and equipment.

Neighbourhood Inspector Craig Berry for Rushcliffe Borough confirmed that he was focussing his team’s efforts in and around East Bridgford, Car Colston and Screveton villages which has had eight reports burglaries.

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Inspector Berry said: “Through the Local Policing Priority Setting Meeting, which all the Borough Councillors are represented, we decided to make the area north of Bingham a priority for overnight police patrols due to a small number of shed, garage and community building burglaries.

“There has been eight burglary and theft offences in these villages overnight in June and early July.

“It appears that these offences have taken place overnight and offenders would likely have had access to a van or trailer to remove the stolen property. Police will conduct overnight highly visible patrols in these villages and surrounding villages during which we will stop vehicles and people as we try to identify who may be committing these offences.

“We will use a range of tactics and we will vary these at different times and at present we have placed ‘police operation’ signs at prominent location to alert people to our activity.

“We will also work with local parish councils to assist with crime prevention advice for local residents and to ensure the early reporting of suspicious activity.

“Sheds are often targeted by thieves because they are not designed to store valuable equipment and property – they were originally designed to house potting plants. Their fairly flimsy construction makes them easy to break into via the door, windows, walls or even the roof.

“However, many homes have little outside storage space, so the shed inevitably becomes a place for storing items that are not wanted indoors.

“We are working hard to prevent criminals from targeting sheds and properties, but you can play your part in making sure it is as difficult as possible for them.”

The local neighbourhood team will also focus on anti-social behaviour in the Lady Bay area which has had numerous reports from residents regarding noisy and disruptive behaviour, as well as nitrous oxide canisters being used.

Inspector Berry added: “It is suspected nitrous oxide canisters are being used by the youngsters which also presents a health hazard.

“Rushcliffe Police introduced a dispersal authority for 48 hours over the weekend of 29 June, which had a positive impact on Ten Acre Field.

“The measure was taken in response to reports of young people congregating in the Lady Bay area late at night, setting fires, exploding gas canisters and playing loud music. Police will continue to patrol and deal with anti-social behaviour at these locations at key times in the evenings and at weekends.

“We will listen to local residents and stakeholders and respond to anti-social behaviour issues positively using our Engage, Explain and Encourage approach. Where this fails police will take enforcement action utilising appropriate powers anti-social behaviour powers that could result in arrest and prosecution.”

You can find out more how to protect your shed and outbuildings by visiting the advice guide on this website: https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/advice/prevention/shed

What matters to you?

Nottinghamshire Police is encouraging local communities to help shape local policing in their area by taking part in its new neighbourhood policing priority survey.

The results of the survey will help neighbourhood policing teams to better understand ‘what matters’ most to the communities they serve, as well as enabling them to focus their efforts on designated neighbourhood priorities within each area.

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As Nottinghamshire Police continues to invest in neighbourhood policing, the survey will enable local teams to focus on more of ‘what matters’ as more officers are recruited and proactive policing teams are introduced across the county.

To have your say please visit: www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/neighbourhoods/what-matters

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