Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Parts of borough could be covered by legal order to tackle ‘car cruising’

‘Car cruisers’ attending unofficial motoring meets in parts of Nottinghamshire including the new Colliery Way could be targeted by a new legal order.

Gedling Borough Council has launched a consultation on plans to target anti-social drivers around Netherfield, Colwick, Stoke Bardolph and surrounding areas.

The council says recent reports include speeding and dangerous driving on some roads, cars ‘drifting’ around roundabouts and doing ‘doughnuts’ in car parks.

The new Gedling Access Road would also be covered under the plans amid concerns of motorists meeting and causing excess noise.

It comes as part of a new public spaces protection order (PSPO) across a section of the borough in response to reports of nuisance motorists “rearing their heads”.

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A PSPO is a legal tool used by councils to crack down on anti-social behaviour and can lead to anyone who breaches them being hit with fines.

If supported, the new order will cover parts of the borough near the Colwick Loop Road and the new access road, which have both been the target of car cruisers.

A similar order was in place until 2021 but was not renewed due to a lack of evidence and because there had been “no issues” at the time.

However, the council says issues in the area have been ongoing for a decade, particularly around Netherfield’s Victoria Retail Park.

Now the authority says extra developments, including the two roads and the Rivendell estate, have led to extra operations being launched by the police.

The council plans to take action further by reintroducing the PSPO across the access road, the loop road, the retail park and around Stoke Bardolph.

If supported, it would prohibit any events where cars “congregate” and will target motorists driving at excessive speeds or accelerating aggressively.

Motorists found racing each other, performing stunts, playing loud music or driving “in convoy” will also be targeted.

And driving with excessive noise, causing danger to other road users, risk or injury to another person or damage to property would also be covered.

Motorists found committing these offences would be asked to give their details to the police or the council and could face £100 fines.

A consultation on the plans was approved and launched on Friday (March 3) and will last for three weeks until March 24.

The council said: “Gedling Borough Council and Nottinghamshire Police have received an increase in calls from residents and businesses.

“[This relates] to vehicles gathering in large groups and drivers engaging in anti-social use of vehicles to the retail parks, industrial estates and local roads.

“The behaviour associated with car cruising damaged private and public land and caused a danger to pedestrians and other road users.”

Pending the result of the consultation, the authority’s cabinet will have the final say on enforcing the three-year PSPO.

Cllr Sam Smith (Con), who represents the Trent Valley ward, welcomed the order and the consultation.

He said: “It’s long overdue, we’ve been raising issues with the police and they’ve been doing operations at night.

“The noise these drivers have been making, such as screeching their tyres at night or mopeds driving through villages, has been a frustration.

“This should make an improvement to security for businesses and for residents.

“It’s reared its head a lot more recently in evenings and the police have done all they can. This is an extra support mechanism to try and solve it once and for all.”

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