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Monday, 21 June 2021

PCC Elections: First preference candidate count revealed as count continues at Rushcliffe Arena

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1 1
unnamed 5

The first preference votes have been counted for the election of Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

First preference votes for the election have been counted:

Caroline Henry (Con) 131,318

Paddy Tipping (Lab) 119,271

1 1

David Watts (LD) 23,794 Turnout 34%.

The count will now get underway for second preference votes for the Con and Lab candidates.

Voters rank their two favoured candidates on the ballot paper as a first and a second choice.

If a candidate wins 50% or more of the first-preference votes, they win outright.

If not, all but the top two candidates are eliminated, and the second-preference votes of eliminated candidates are reallocated. The candidate with the highest total resulting from this count is elected.