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PEEL Report: New Nottinghamshire PCC comments as inspection finds force leadership is ‘Inadequate’

Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Gary Godden has vowed to ensure Nottinghamshire Police continues making improvements after an inspection of the force found three areas rated ‘Inadequate’.

His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) revealed the outcome of the inspection in March when it put the force into ‘engage status’, but the publication of the full report was delayed until today (Thursday 11 July) due to the PCC elections and the General Election.

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The inspection assessed how good Nottinghamshire Police is in nine areas of policing.
HMICFRS make graded judgments in eight of these nine as follows:

Commissioner Godden was elected to the role in May and has since held several meetings with Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Kate Meynell and officials from HMICFRS to scrutinise and monitor progress in areas outlined by the report.

He said: “Coming into this role, I knew there were challenges ahead for Nottinghamshire Police and specific areas for improvement.

“It is important for the people of Nottinghamshire that the force moves out of ‘engage status’ as soon as possible and provides the highest possible standard of service.

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“From the conversations I have had with the force and HMICFRS so far, it is clear to me that the force has already come a long way since the inspection concluded in January. But I want to ensure it keeps going in the right direction.

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Extract from today’s HMIFRCS PEEL report.

“The Chief Constable has quickened the pace of improvements she was already making in her first year as Chief Constable. It is my job to make sure that the upward trajectory continues, through my monthly Accountability Board, weekly briefings with the Chief Constable and scrutiny support from my office, but also by supporting that strategic direction with my new Police and Crime Plan, which is currently in development.

“One of the findings in the HMICFRS report is around a need for stronger neighbourhood policing. This is one of the key priorities that I propose to include in my Police and Crime Plan, because I see this as a cornerstone for building public trust and confidence and a service that people can rely on.

“The inspection report will assist me in having a laser-like focus on all of the areas for improvement and ensuring progress continues to be made so that the people of Nottinghamshire have trust and confidence in a policing service they deserve.”

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