Saturday 4 December 2021
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Petition launched by residents to stop development in Wollaton

More than 70 residents have signed a petition calling for councillors to object to plans to build three new properties.

Developers in Wollaton are seeking outline planning permission to demolish an existing dwelling and replace it with three new dwellings, with access to the rear of the site provided by a private drive alongside the southern site boundary in Wollaton Road.

A petition with 75 signatures was received in objection to the proposal.

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They say the new development would negatively impact on “the aesthetic appeal of the village” and potentially “damage nearby housing in a conservation area, which has buildings dating back as far as 1420.”

It would also increase traffic on an already busy road with two nursery schools.

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Planning officers at Nottingham City Council said the site is considered to be capable of accommodating three dwellings within adequately sized plots.

They said: “Whilst approval is not sought for the indicative layout, this is also felt to demonstrate that the proposed dwellings could be provided with sufficient spatial separation to protect the amenities of neighbouring residents.

“With regards of the demolition of the existing dwelling, there are felt to be no grounds on which this could reasonably be resisted.

“In conclusion, the visual impact of the proposed development is considered to be acceptable.”

Planning officers have recommended that the application is granted approval.

Councillors will decide at a Nottingham City Council planning meeting on Wednesday, October 20.



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