Petition against Rushcliffe chicken farm gets 8,000 signatures

Rushcliffe Arena
Rushcliffe Arena

A proposal has been submitted for a new chicken farm in Rushcliffe that would process  1.76 million birds per year. 

The plans are for a poultry farm on land East of Fosse Way in Cropwell Bishop.


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In response, PETA has sent a letter with nearly 8,000 signatures from local residents and other concerned members of the public urging Rushcliffe Borough Council to reject the plans.

In the letter, the group points out that in addition to causing cruelty to animals on a massive scale, a farm of this kind would likely have many negative effects on the local area, including noise from high-velocity roof fans, increased traffic from heavy goods vehicles on narrow country roads, and the generation of enormous quantities of environmental pollutants, such as manure and toxic chemicals. Contamination of water supplies could also have a detrimental impact on wildlife.

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“Thousands of compassionate people have spoken, and Rushcliffe Borough Council should heed their concerns for animal welfare, the environment, and the health of the community,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “PETA is calling for this plan to be scrapped, sparing millions of birds a lifetime of suffering and an agonising death.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – has documented that chickens used for food are routinely fed antibiotics and are bred to grow so large that their legs often break under their own weight. At the abattoir, they’re shackled upside down, their throats are slit, and they’re scalded – sometimes while still conscious – in defeathering tanks.

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A spokesperson for Rushcliffe Borough Council said,

“Any material planning considerations raised by PETA and other parties will be taken into account when this application is determined over the next few months.”