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Petrol prices near me: The cheapest petrol stations in Nottingham as pump prices fall

Petrol prices near me: The 10 cheapest petrol stations in and around Nottingham – Prices at the pumps seem to reflect the 5ppl reduction in fuel duty. 

Petrol prices near me: The 10 cheapest petrol stations in and around Nottingham

Cheapest stations 5 mile in a mile radius of Nottingham

Subject to change at any time

Updated 24 March

Because of the announcement of 5p off fuel duty – we’ve only included stations that reported prices at 24 March – or those we checked ourselves.

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ASDA West Bridgford – 158.7

Sainsbury’s Local – West Bridgford – 157.9

Morrisons Gamston – 155.7

ASDA Strelley Road – 158.7

Sainsbury’s Arnold – 158.7

Morrisons Netherfield – 158.9

BP Clifton – 159.9

BP Daleside – 162.9

*Diesel – Only stations with prices submitted on 24 March included.

Sainsbury’s Beeston – 169.9

Sainsbury’s West Bridgford – 170.9

Sainsbury’s Arnold – 169,9

ASDA West Bridgford – 170.7

Morrisons Gamston – 172.7

*Prices may have changed at any time – information accurate at 22 March unless dated otherwise – Data from

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Should the public expect fuel prices at the pumps to rise?

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said:

‘The global price of crude oil has increased sharply over the past year, increasing petrol prices in countries across the world. This is a global trend and not just in the UK.

‘But we will do everything we can to mitigate that and to help the people of this country, but it is one of the reasons why the whole of western Europe must end its dependence on Russian oil and gas.

‘The £12 billion in support that we’ve already announced to help with the cost of living includes a freeze on fuel duty for the twelfth year in a row – the longest sustained freeze in British history.

‘Changes in crude oil prices are the major driver of changes in fuel prices and our own analysis shows that changes in crude oil price feed through gradually over the course of 6-7 weeks.

‘We are in regular contact with the industry and making it clear that industry should not take advantage of increased demand to put up prices sooner than necessary.’

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