Pictures: At 560 tonnes – this is the heaviest load to move through Notts by road


On Saturday 11 March 2017 an abnormal load, that weighed 560 tonnes, was 6 metres wide and 82 metres long, was moved through Nottinghamshire with an EMOpSS escort.


The load was moved from Worksop to the port in Goole with an East Midlands Operational Support Service – EMOpSS police escort. The huge reel of steel cable travelled at a maximum 13 mph and took 14 hours to get to Goole where it will continue on its journey to Africa.

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Moving an abnormally large load requires lengthy and meticulous planning. EMOpSS which covers Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire, has four Abnormal Loads Officers (ALOs).

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Dave Robinson is an Abnormal Loads Officer based in Nottinghamshire and a former traffic officer for 27 years. He said; “In my entire career I cannot think of a time when we have moved a heavier or longer load. It took six months of detailed planning with Allelys who are heavy transport specialists.


We had to look carefully at the route as its size meant there was a bridge in Ranby that it couldn’t go over so we had to find an alternative route. I’m really pleased to say the move went really well and there were no unexpected problems which is down to meticulous planning and partnership working.”