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Pictures: Amazon the West Bridgford gnome hopes for a ‘quieter life’ in his new garden

Amazon shot to fame locally in 2016 when The Wire found him celebrating Christmas in his new tree stump.

The story broken by The Wire back then surely developed and has taken a few twists and turns over the following years.

He celebrated most local and national occasions together with his wife and two children.

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Amazon’s first settlement was at Christmas

There were disputes with the Lady Bay trolls ( they live under the bridge again now following recent repairs ) and the Fairies who built homes in trees in Bridgford Park had also been difficult neighbours – having heard about Amazon and Rushcliffe’s housing situation they took over dozens of trees in the park.


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In 2020, his house was partly destroyed by an Amazon delivery driver.

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Amazon’s previous home after a collision with the Prime delivery van

His home escaped the chop when Gnottinghamshire County Council agreed not to chop down the house when resurfacing in the area.

But alas, in April 2022 pavement resurfacing, the gnemesis of any half-human, half garden ornament prevailed.

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We caught up with Amazon six years on to ask how he felt the experiences over the years:

We asked if he regretted choosing West Bridgford as his family home?

He said: ‘Gno not really – my wife, Gnora and I had just had our two children Gnorman and Gnelly – this little spot seemed fine for the first couple of years.

“Until the Lady Bay Trolls started coming over at night in an attempt to steal our food, we showed gnomercy, it was like gnome-alone, we hit ’em with all our fishing rods at once – and after a while they scurried back to the bridge.

“They still come over this side on occasion – and Gnora is in the same class as one of their troll kids at school, so there is yet time for a truce.

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Gnottingham Beach with Gnorman and Gnelly

‘Saying that, when the fairies stole our idea and started building in the park, we were left shaken, no, stunned  – they didn’t even get planning permission, whereas we worked closely with the council, make gnomistake we knew what we were doing and it was all above board!’

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The first Christmas 2016

‘We’re very happy here and over the moon to have been regnomed in a nearby garden, which is, after all where we belong.’

Cllr Jonathan Wheeler, County Councillor for West Bridgford South told the Wire:

‘I am of course delighted that the road has had its pavement resurfaced and a new tree planted. It is a shame Amazon the Gnome has to move home, but a big thanks goes to Mrs Ellis for the joy brought to the community with Amazon!’


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Fairies set up home in trees in Bridgford Park after they heard about Amazon


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