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Pictures: Calls for ‘Mysterious’ house that’s been left ‘for decades’ to be cleaned up

Residents are calling for ‘mysterious’ house in Lenton which has been used as a dumping ground for furniture to be cleared up.

The abandoned house on the corner of Lenton Boulevard and Derby Road is strewn with piles of rubbish including armchairs, bathroom sinks, chairs, tables, bed sheets, and cupboards.

lenton house 4 scaled

The bins are also overflowing with rubbish, which residents say is starting to attract rats to the area.

Students living close to the property described the house as ‘mysterious’ as red curtains have been hung over the windows and the front door is protected by a gate which is padlocked shut.

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lenton house rubbish bins scaled

Residents have also seen lights on in the upstairs windows at night but have never seen anyone entering or leaving the house.

Kate Loewenthal, from the Lenton Drive and Neighbours Residents’ Association, said the house has been left to deteriorate for decades and is now unsightly.

lenton house garden scaled

She said: “It is an absolute eyesore, and it has been like that for years and years. I do not know what the plan for the house is, but residents are sick and tired of it.

“I have never seen it properly occupied and it attracts rats. No one knows what is going on there and I have never seen anyone living there.

lenton house garden rubbish scaled

“It makes the area look unpleasant. It is on the main road into Lenton and into the city. It is an unpleasant blotch on the area – when you have got families going to the Savoy cinema or to Dunkirk Primary School.”

Students from the University of Nottingham which live next to the house have also aired their concerns about the state the site is in.

Becky Clark, 21, said: “I think it sums up Lenton.

“It makes the area look disgusting especially when I’m at my desk trying to do uni work. It is not getting the creative juices flowing. Just put it all in a skip, they can borrow my car if they need it.”

Caitlin Nisby, 21, also a student, added: “It is a shame. It could be a nice house because it is a really good location, and they could get a lot of money from it if they did it up.

“I am interested by it because I have never seen anyone living there.”

Local resident Matt Jones, 22, said the house was very “mysterious” and would love to know how it has got into this state.

“The waste seems to get bigger and bigger, but I have never seen anyone take anything out the house. It could be just fly-tippers.

“The curtains are also always drawn. It could be a good student house.”

Isaac Bach, 21, also a student at the University of Nottingham, said he thought the house was being renovated as some of the trees have been cut back.

“We have been in this area for two years and it is totally abandoned. It is a nice house but in the last four months I have seen people coming and going and thought they were renovating it.

“But now there is a bathtub in the garden and seems to have stayed as it is.”

Nottingham City Council says it is aware of residents’ concerns and have taken enforcement action.

A spokesman for the council said:

“We have been aware of this property for some time and share residents’ frustrations at the state it has been left in. Our anti-social behaviour team has liaised with the owner numerous times in the past, particularly when the grounds have become overgrown, and there has been some compliance.

“It was put on the market more recently and the current issues appear to stem from the process of clearing the property to facilitate a sale.

“Local Community Protection officers have noted the amount of rubbish being left in the garden and have taken enforcement action.

“The latest of this only started this week so we will work with the property owner to make sure the site is cleared and maintained to a reasonable state. We understand that residents will be concerned about this but can reassure them that it’s a priority for local officers.”

The owner of the house could not be reached for comment.

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