Pictures: First World War tank arrives in West Bridgford

A replica tank on a low-loader carefully negotiated West Bridgford roads this morning on its way to the City Ground, where it will be on display as part of today’s Games of Remembrance. 


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Deborah II, based at the Norfolk Tank Museum, is a reproduction of the original Mk IV Deborah tank which was knocked out of action at The Battle of Cambrai in 1917. Deborah was a Mark IV Female of 12 Section, 12th Company, D Battalion.

The replica 28-tonne tank was made by TV presenter Guy Martin together with engineering experts for a Channel 4 documentary.

Deborah II has a top speed of 4mph and took the teams five months to create.

Notts County’s Meadow Lane stadium will host a match between the British Army and German Army women’s teams at 12noon, with the men’s teams meeting at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground at 7pm.