Pictures: Jesse Gray School ‘Creative Conductors’ Workshop with E.ON

(photo shoot 0916-021) Education workshop September 2016. Energise Anything workshop at Jesse Gray Primary School in West Bridgford. With E.ON employee Chris Walker. NB; School has no names policy.

Pupils at Jesse Gray Primary School in West Bridgford, made sweet music during an interactive workshop which sees participants use anything from bananas, plasticine and high-fives to make circuits that enable them to create instruments and play music via their computers.

The innovative ‘Creative Conductors’ workshop are designed to help pupils’ understanding of electricity, conduction and circuits, and conclude with students performing their musical creations for their classmates.
During the workshop, pupils rolled up their sleeves and experimented with a range of foods, plants and everyday objects which they clipped to circuit boards in order to demonstrate how the items could help conduct electricity.

(photo shoot 0916-021) Education workshop September 2016.  Energise Anything workshop at Jesse Gray Primary School in West Bridgford. NB;  School has no names policy.
 Energise Anything workshop at Jesse Gray Primary School in West Bridgford. 

Chris Walker, who manages E.ON’s Compliance Assurance Team, volunteered at the workshop and said, “It was really exciting to be back in the classroom for the day and to understand how pupils learn about energy these days.

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When I was at school, we learnt about circuits using the old 9V batteries, wires and a circuit board made out of Meccano. Now pupils are learning about electricity and circuits using pieces of fruit and vegetables, through connecting these to computers to make sounds and music!


It’s great to see how the workshops delivered by E.ON have been created to ensure that pupils can easily relate to them and the subject of energy continues to be exciting and interesting to learn about.”

Abi Massey, Science Co-coordinator at Jesse Gray School, said: “The class really enjoyed trying something new and fully embraced the challenges they were set during the workshop. It was a lively session, and judging by the music produced, our pupils quickly came to understand that just about any material that can conduct even a tiny bit of electricity can work in this set-up.”

Creative Conductors forms part of E.ON’s broader educational activities, developed to help teach children about where energy comes from and how it is used in our everyday lives.

Four other Nottinghamshire schools were also part of the recent tour and had the opportunity to take part in the workshops. The schools were Greenfields Community School, Hucknall National C of E Primary School, Brookhill Leys Primary School and Carrington Primary School.

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E.ON offers educational workshops through its Energise Anything programme, which also includes online parent and classroom based activities. The activities support the national curriculum and have been designed to help pupils aged 5-16 understand all stages of energy production, distribution and consumption.