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Pictures: Pen recycling launched by Abbey Road Primary School pupils

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This half-term, the Foundation children at Abbey Road Primary School have been learning all about our planet and how they can look after it in their topic, One World.

The children have been learning all about recycling, reducing and reusing.

They have also been finding out what happens to rubbish after we put it into the bin and have learned about landfill sites.


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They decided that they wanted to contribute as little as possible to landfill as they could.

They found out about a special scheme which recycles old writing instruments and, as they often have pens and felt-tips that have run out to throw away, they thought this would be a great start!


In order to make as much impact as they could, they decided to get the whole school involved.


The children reused old cardboard boxes to create special recycling bins where old pens and writing instruments can be collected.

They also wrote letters explaining their eco-mission to each family and letting them know that they can get involved, too!


At the end of the week, the children visited every class in the school and the office, spreading their message and delivering pen and felt-tip recycling bins and letters.

Well done, Rainbow and Sunshine Class! You are really helping to make our planet a better place!


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