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Pictures: Police operation shows the dangerous condition of some commercial vehicles on the M1

Roads policing officers and partners stopped vehicles for checks on the M1.

The operation, part of Operation Tramline was carried out by Derbyshire Police with partners the Environment Agency and DVSA Enforcement. Vehicles were pulled into a services on the M1.

Operation Tramline aims to cut the number of people killed to seriously injured on the strategic road network by 40%.

Police said:

‘M1 checksite.

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Unsecured loads.

These ones are particularly bad and pure laziness.

Drivers “well they’ve never fell off before!”.

If that’s the case why are us and highways officers picking up rubble bags, poles, brooms, wheelbarrows etc every single day from the roads?’

© Derbyshire Police
© Derbyshire Police
© Derbyshire Police
© Derbyshire Police

A truck and trailer were stopped.

Derbyshire Police said:

‘M1 checksite.

‘Trailers under scrutiny too.

‘First one – faulty brakes and broken leaf springs on the van.

‘Second one – draw bar at risk of detachment and defective tyre.

‘Prohibitions and tickets.’

© Derbyshire Police
© Derbyshire Police
© Derbyshire Police

Police describe the pictures below.

‘M1 checksite.

‘Beavertail vehicle transporters are always worth a stop.

‘Most are generally only suitable for carrying small cars.

‘One carrying Discovery, overweight and driver disqualified.

‘One carrying A4, overweight and defective tyre.’


‘M1 checksite. Tyres a theme today. Your only contact with the road surface and drivers content to drive around on low tread. This van also has no MOT.’

© Derbyshire Police

Police: ‘M1 checksite. Look at the state of this Sprinter. Weighs over 6 tonnes but limit is 3.5t. Tyre cord exposed. Van 2, a Transit arrives to pick up excess and is now also 1t overweight. Awaiting the arrival of van 3. These will takes AGES to stop in an emergency.’

© Derbyshire Police

Police: ‘M1 checksite. Two Transits both delivering for well known parcel company. Self employed drivers not obtained any insurance. Your parcels will unfortunately be delayed. No doubt the courier company will be upset we’ve stopped them. Two words – due diligence.’

© Derbyshire Police
© Derbyshire Police



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