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West Bridgford
Friday, 16 April 2021

Pictures: West Bridgford enjoys sunny weather as people get outside on the first day of lockdown easing


People gathered sensibly in Bridgford Park and Bridge Field as lockdown started to ease today. 

A few ball games and picnics and friends sitting down on the grass was the scene at Bridge Field on the afternoon of 29 March, the start of the second stage of lockdown easing plans after schools returned a few weeks ago.

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The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a coronavirus briefing today:

‘…And then, of course, there is one other way we can all build our own individual defences against Covid and enjoy ourselves at the same time – and that is to take more exercise.

‘So I am personally thrilled that I will be able to play tennis for instance

‘And without being remotely preachy I do hope that we can take advantage of this moment and the beautiful weather – to play sport, to take exercise, to have fun and build our national resilience in that way too.

‘And remember that outdoors is generally much safer than indoors and the way to continue on our cautious but irreversible roadmap to freedom is to follow the rules and remember hands, face, space and fresh air.’

• Plan for lockdown easing expected from the Prime Minister today includes schools and meeting outdoors

• Covid Roadmap: All you need to know – full methodology and easy-to-understand graphics

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