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Plans for part demolition and rebuild of Trent Bridge Cricket Ground Members’ Pavilion

The application submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council is for the refurbishment, remodelling and extension of The Members Pavilion.

It also includes partial demolition and construction of rear and side extensions as well as upwards extensions to the pavilion to accommodate five storeys, including balconies/terraces and PV Solar panels. Internal alteration of the Ticket & Finance Building includes conversion of existing squash courts to press/media space, players gym, hospitality space and external terraces side and rear. Erection of single storey front security office.

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The Design and Access Statement by Letts Wheeler Architects notes:

‘The current building provides 1564m2 (GIA) of space over 3 floors and a semi-basement. The design proposes to increase this by 727m2 to 2291m2.

‘The priority has been to increase PMOA (player and match official areas) spaces and facilities to bring the ground up to the standard expected for international cricket.

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© Letts Wheeler Architects

‘PMOA areas will increase from a current net area of 345m2 to 862m2 in the proposal.

‘This increase in space not only allows for the increase that has taken place in the size of teams and their support staff, but also accommodates changes to the nature of the facilities that are expected by the governing body.

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‘There is now an emphasis on providing fully unisex changing and wet areas and an ability to accommodate teams, training staff and officials of both genders within the facility concurrently. The proposed facility will also be the first in the country to offer a four-team split of changing facilities that are fully self-contained for double header matches. Providing spaces for player and match official welfare, as well as more space for kit and equipment is also a major consideration in the programme.

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© Letts Wheeler Architects

‘In addition to the space and room requirements that have been accommodated, there is also a large increase in gross area to accommodate the increase in circulation, plant and storage spaces necessary to provide a building that is fit for purpose in terms of accessibility, building safety, servicing, environmental comfort and performance.

‘Although the design goes a long way to satisfying the brief and has received very positive feedback from the ECB during consultation, it must be noted that the proposal does not provide all the accommodation that was identified in the brief, based on the 2022 feasibility study.

‘This is primarily due to the restrictions of the available site and the existing building.

‘This is made up of a mixture of rooms that do not achieve the full area of the brief, as well as accommodation that has not been provided at all.

‘In addition, there is a shortfall of 411m2 of non-PMOA space when compared to the brief. This reflects the fact that although the core Members’ areas have been retained, other non-PMOA accommodation has had to be sacrificed in order to optimise the use of the building for players and officials.

‘Facilities lost within the building include the committee rooms, public toilets and the ground operations and security rooms.

‘The aim has been to identify the minimum level of expansion that would future-proof the players’/officials’ accommodation into the foreseeable future, whilst also retaining the current level of Members’ facilities within the existing building.

‘It must be emphasised that the current proposal does not provide all the space that the club or governing body would ideally have within the PMOA, due to the constraints of the current building and its site.

‘In identifying the Pavilion as a ‘non-designated heritage asset’ in their pre-app feedback, Rushcliffe Borough Council acknowledge that the heritage value of a building is not only one of aesthetic value, but also its historic and social associations. We would agree with this and as such retaining the historic relationship between the building, the Members and the players is a primary consideration.

‘It also needs to be recognised that the PMOA accommodation cannot be split up across different locations around the ground.

‘Rushcliffe Borough Council acknowledges the shortfall in the facilities and recognises the need to enhance these in their pre-app feedback. But in doing so the minimum level of expansion required and other organisational changes that are necessary to address this need to be recognised.

‘Although the building will undergo a significant amount of demolition and expansion much of this will occur in areas that have already been substantially altered from the original design, with key features having already been lost. However, the level of alteration and expansion would constitute a level of ‘less than substantial harm’ in conservation terms.’

View the full plans here

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