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‘Please don’t go to A&E for coughs and colds’, asks Rushcliffe CCG


With GP practices and A&E coming under increasing pressure over the winter months, health practices are asking you to consider whether you can self-care if your illness is not serious.

Coughs, colds and other minor illnesses can often be managed with a visit to your local pharmacist, but if your symptoms persist we recommend you book an appointment with your GP.

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Some health problems get worse as the weather gets colder, and teams want you to be able to access the right service for your health care needs.

There are lots of options available, from self-treatment to advice in a pharmacy, GP services, the NHS 111 number, mental health services, walk-in and urgent care centres and, in an accident or emergency, A&E.

Dr James Hopkinson says: “Often people needing medical help go straight to A&E when there may be another more appropriate service available, such as their GP, pharmacist, NHS 111 or their local walk-in or urgent care centre, all of which may be better placed to help.

“Across Greater Nottingham, we have a GP extended hours service. You can pre-book an appointment at your GP Practice. For urgent on the day appointment, call NHS 111.

“People tend to get better advice and faster treatment when they need it if they choose the right NHS service for their symptoms or illness, so I’d ask them to consider carefully before going straight to A&E.”


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