Thursday 26 January 2023
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Police are holding a Staying Safe Online free event for older people

A free session designed to help people stay safe online will also include tips on how to avoid falling victim to fraud.

Nottinghamshire Police will be holding a two-hour event at St Michael’s Church, in Church Street, Bramcote, on Thursday 26th January, from 1 pm till 3 pm.

The aim of this session is to provide advice about cybercrime and fraud, including tips on securing online accounts, password security and current scams.

Chloe Reid, of Nottinghamshire Police’s Protect team, said: “You don’t need to be a computer expert to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime. Just developing a few good online habits can drastically reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of cybercrime and that’s why we’re hosting this session.

“Furthermore, in recent times we’ve had a lot of reports of fraudsters accessing a victim’s computer remotely in order to steal their life savings. As such, this event will also give people advice on how to protect themselves from fraudsters and cyber criminals.”

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To register for the event pop down to the church to register your interest. Alternatively, the church can be contacted at 0115 943 0137.

For further advice and support visit:

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