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Police continue speeding crackdown in Rushcliffe villages

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Reports of speeding vehicles are one of the most common offences reported to Nottinghamshire Police and these reports are taken seriously and officers do target areas of persistent offending.

On 9th September, officers were in –

Cropwell Bishop – Cropwell Butler Road and Fern Road.
Gotham – Leake Road and Nottingham Road.

One motorist was issued with a Traffic Offence Report (Speeding ticket) in relation to their excessive speed, many others were given warnings or advice.

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Police added:

‘Many residents highlight that they never see these checks. We thought we’d share a little problem we have, whenever officers set up a mobile speed camera operation, local social media is immediately alive advertising our location, any of you using Android Auto, or some other mobile sat nav app. will know that warnings appear in seconds of a new mobile camera location in your area.

‘This results in the usual and persistent offenders either slowing down for the day (not a bad thing!) or using an alternative route. It is for this very reason why officers never stay in one location for more than 30 – 60 minutes, hence your chances of seeing the officers in any location is very small.’