Thursday 20 June 2024
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Police crackdown of nuisance off-road bikers in country park

City west officers have been leading a crackdown against nuisance bikers in Broxtowe Country Park.

The sight and sound of off-road bikers buzzing around the fields has been a longstanding issue for the area.

But the local neighbourhood policing team has been taking a range of steps to try and stop these riders in their tracks.

Drones have been deployed over the park, while officers have been visiting local businesses to try and identify the rogue riders.

The city west team conducted a recent day of action on 27 May, in which they conducted high-visibility patrols of the country park and surrounding area.

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As part of this, the officers engaged with members of the public to explain their presence and educate people about off-road biking laws and how to report offences.

Nearby petrol stations that riders could potentially use to fill up before entering the park were also provided with some crime and antisocial behaviour (ASB) prevention advice.

The operation was held following a spike in reports of off-road bikers and wider ASB in Broxtowe Country Park, with officers promising to continue to try and resolve the problem.

PC Jonny Morgan, of the city west neighbourhood policing team, said: “We know how much of an impact ASB can have on people’s lives, and that includes off-road bikers, who cause a real nuisance to the community.

“After listening to the concerns of residents, we set up this operation in and around the country park to target these riders during the half term period, when we know this offending can be more regular.

“It’s important that the public know how seriously we take reports of this nature and that we will carry on attempting to resolve the problem by conducting more operations like this one.

“In fact, tackling ASB has been one of our chosen policing priorities in the city west for some time now.

“While no off-road biking offences took place on the park on the day, one of the reasons for this would’ve been because of the deterrent our visible patrols provided.

“We were also able to engage with members of the public about what we were doing and how to report offences of this nature, so it was a very worthwhile exercise.”

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