Wednesday 12 June 2024
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Police deploy capture bikes to catch cycle thieves

Specially-equipped ‘capture bikes’ are being used by police to help deter would-be bicycle thieves and reel in criminals.

The bikes, which look like any other bicycles, are fitted with state-of-the-art technology to help police track down and catch offenders.

They have already been deployed in the Beeston area in response to a rise in bike theft reports and can be used in other parts of the Broxtowe borough to prevent and tackle this crime type.

Inspector Mike Ebbins, District Commander of the Broxtowe district, said: “We are aware bikes are being stolen in Beeston.

“The purpose of this tactic is two-fold – to catch offenders and to make them think twice.

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“We hope it sends out a clear message to potential thieves that we are determined to catch them and firmly put the brakes on this type of offending.

“The bikes are just one of the tools we are using to prevent and reduce thefts and help officers catch people committing these crimes.

“I want to reassure people we are determined to drive down bicycle theft in our communities and we will always do our utmost to catch offenders and reunite people with their property.

“We don’t want anyone to fall victim to bike thefts as we know the loss of a bike can have a significant impact on victims, both financially and emotionally. For some, it is their only means of transport and without one they can’t get to work or school.

“Bicycles are often targeted by thieves because they are left poorly secured or not secured at all. It takes just a few seconds for the opportunist thief to steal a bike that is left unsecured.

“We are urging bicycle owners to be extra vigilant to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

“We’d urge owners to use good quality locks which will make their bikes less of a target and make it as hard as possible for a thief to take it.

“Never leave it unlocked when you’re not there and think about where you’re leaving it when you are out and about. Make sure the area’s busy and well-lit and lock both wheels and the frame to the stand or railings.”

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