Tuesday 16 August 2022
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Police Dog Quantum finds suspect hiding in toilet

A tenacious award-winning police dog flushes out a suspect hiding in an outdoor toilet after failing to stop for officers in tonight’s brand new episode of Police Interceptors.

Police Dog Quantum, who is highly trained to search for human scent, and his handler Police Constable Jen Ellse, were called in when a man abandoned the car after leading cops on a chase.

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PC Ellse said: “Quantum picked up a scent, pulling strong into his harness, and I could feel the difference in my hands which were holding the line. I approached a gate and Quantum indicated he wanted to go inside.

“Once inside he was pulling harder and I knew we were close to someone or someone had recently been there. As we searched the garden he pulled me around to a brick building which looked like an outside toilet.

“He then started barking which is his indication a person is present. I told the person to come out immediately and told him not to make any sudden movements.

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“I told him to turn around to walk out and indicated I would send the dog if he ran. I then told him to sit on the wall while other officers came to detain him.”

The man’s arrest, in the Worksop area on the night of 9 September 2021, was the latest in a very long line of successes for the clever canine, having notched up more than 100 arrests during his career with Nottinghamshire Police.

Quantum’s heroic exploits during his time with Nottinghamshire Police were acknowledged last September when he was presented with the highly commended accolade in the outstanding bravery category of the Thin Blue Paw Awards.

PC Ellse added: “Quantum is incredibly brave and relentless and his skilful work and determination over the years has resulted in many suspects being detained and criminals ending up securely behind bars.

“Arrests like this one just go to show how important our highly-skilled police dogs are to the force and how there’s nowhere for people to hide once they’ve been deployed.”

On tonight’s episode officers also put the brakes on an antisocial off-road biker in the Mansfield area and knife crime team members make drugs-related arrests following proactive crime-fighting work.

Catch all this and more at 8pm on Channel 5.

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