Wednesday 17 July 2024
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Police launch operation to prevent smuggling at Nottingham Prison

A new police operation has been launched to prevent visitors from trying to smuggle drugs, weapons, and electronic devices into HMP Nottingham.

The first operation took place on Tuesday, December 20, with officers recovering a knife and seizing three vehicles.

Search teams accompanied by the drugs dog were situated around the visitor’s car park on the prison grounds.

The police are working with prison security to clamp down on those who attempt to smuggle items into the prison.

Police have launched this new operation to clamp down on cannabis resin, vapes, sim and memory cards being brought into the prison.

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Sergeant Jordan Hinds, who led the operation, said: “We know the majority of people visiting prisoners are not taking part in any illegal activity and are just there to visit their loved ones.

“But there is a small percentage of people who use their visiting time to bring in illegal items to make significant cash through criminality.

“This isn’t going to happen and these operations, and there will be many more, will ensure we find those people and prosecute.

“Prison security is doing a lot to sort this problem out and we are here to support them. Criminals will try and smuggle in cannabis resin in blocks because it does not have the same pungent smell.

“However, our drug dogs have a higher sense of smell and can easily detect this. We know that drugs in prison can sell sometimes for nine times the street value and we want to cut that drug supply off.

“SIM cards can be used so that criminals can attempt to carry on their criminal enterprise from their prison cell. Memory cards are also being used to try and turn their basic televisions into Smart TVs.”

During the first operation on December 20, officers searched cars and visitors just before they went into the prison.

Three cars were seized after one driver had no licence, another had an expired licence, and the third visitor had a provisional licence but was not supervised. A knife was also recovered from one vehicle.

He added: “Most people had no issue that we were there but of course, there were some who didn’t like our presence. It became quite clear that some phone calls were being made.

“If this operation has made people think twice about bringing illegal items into HMP Nottingham then in my eyes it has been a success. We have many plans in the new year to continue this activity.

“Prisoners are there to serve their time and we are hoping this operation sends out a clear message.”

HMP Nottingham Governor, Paul Yates, said: “Security is our priority and through X-Ray body scanners, cell searches, specialist sniffer dogs and working closely with the police, we are keeping more of the illegal items which fuel crime and violence out of prison.”

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