Monday 24 June 2024
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Police launch operation to tackle crime on Mansfield Road in Nottingham

Two neighbourhood policing teams have worked closely together on an operation to crack down on antisocial behaviour, shoplifting and drug offences along a busy Nottingham street.

Officers from teams in Nottingham city north and city south targeted Mansfield Road on two consecutive days this week – acting on concerns raised by community leaders, members of the public and businesses.

Uniformed and plain-clothed officers took part in extra patrols, knife and drug sweeps of two parks and other proactive measures to reassure residents and gain more information on the crime issues in the neighbourhood.

During the two days, officers made four arrests for offences including shop theft, going equipped and assault, carried out three stop and searches and arrested one man who has now been recalled to prison.

Sergeant Ash Small, of the St Ann’s neighbourhood policing team, said:

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“An important part of policing is to listen to residents and our partners so we can act on concerns within the community, and that is what this operation was all about.

“A number of issues have been raised about a stretch of Mansfield Road in Nottingham which has been impacted by begging, drug dealing and drug use, shop thefts and other antisocial behaviour.

“We decided to sweep the area on two days this week and it was a great success.

“As well as a number of arrests, we gained valuable intelligence and hopefully reassured people who live and work in Mansfield Road that we are responding to the crime issues which matter to them.

“This stretch of Mansfield Road falls partly in Nottingham city south and partly in city north so it was an excellent opportunity to share resources and expertise between police teams.”

Nine police officers and six PCSOs were involved in the initiative on both days, using marked and unmarked vehicles.

The operation was a mix of high-visibility reassurance for members of the public and covert investigations to target known offenders and gain intelligence.

Sgt Jordan Hinds said: “Some people might think begging, antisocial behaviour and shoplifting aren’t serious, but in reality they impact on the whole community.

“Shop owners are left out of pocket by repeated thefts and have to spend more money on security measures.

“Antisocial behaviour, drug offences and begging can also have a detrimental effect on a neighbourhood and can stop people visiting and spending their money there.

“We want this area to be the best it can be as a place to live and work. Police teams in the community work hard every day to ensure that continues to be the case.”

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