Friday 12 July 2024
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Police patrols on the dangers of mixing alcohol and cocaine comes to West Bridgford

Officers have been out engaging with communities as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the consequences of taking alcohol and cocaine together.

The patrols are part of Operation Cognition, which began last month and is set to run over the next year across the county including Newark, Nottingham city centre, West Bridgford and Beeston.

When cocaine and alcohol are mixed, it can result in a dangerous chemical reaction, which can cause increased violent and impulsive behaviours.

It can also increase the risk of seizures, heart attacks and strokes.

The new initiative is focused on reducing incidents of violence against women and girls, as the consumption of cocaine and alcohol together can be a factor in domestic abuse incidents.

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The operation will run on Friday and Saturday evenings and is designed to engage with people enjoying the night-time economy.

Recently, on June 21, they focused their attention on Mansfield town centre.

Police officers were joined by partner agencies including staff from Nottingham City Council and Nottingham County Council.

There were also representatives from substance misuse charities like the Nottingham Recovery Network and Change Grow Live which can organise appointments with healthcare professionals to help with rehabilitation.

Leaflets were handed out to people about the dangers of mixing these two drugs and the impact this can have on the body, as well as resources from domestic abuse charities.

The project was launched in collaboration with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Staff are plain clothed to help people speak more freely about any personal issues they may be having relating to drugs and alcohol.

Questionnaires about cocaethylene, the term given when cocaine and alcohol react together in the body were also handed out.

A total of 72 people filled out the questionnaires during the evening.

Just under 90 per cent said they were not aware of cocaethylene.

Sergeant Graham Whitt, from Nottinghamshire Police’s Drug and Substance Interventions team, said:

“This initiative is a great way for us to engage with the communities we serve and generate conversations about the dangers of taking alcohol and cocaine together to drug users and those around them.

“Combining these drugs not only poses serious risks to your health but is also often linked with incidents of domestic abuse, and cases of violence in the night-time economy.

“It is an absolute priority for us to reduce incidents of violence against women and girls, and we hope that this campaign will help to lower the rates of offences linked to cocaethylene.

“By working with several partners like substance misuse charities on this initiative, people have access to public health professionals on hand to help those who are worried about their drug consumption onto a path of treatment and recovery.

“We look forward to continuing with our patrols in town centres across the county in the coming months, and in doing so help to spread awareness about the risks that come with drug taking.”

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