Saturday 24 February 2024
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Police pursue stolen van onto potato field and discover driver is a child

Police said the ‘sad reality’ of the job is when they discovered the driver was a child.

Nottinghamshire Police said:

‘Yesterday Team 2 were patrolling the A1 where a van was spotted with false number plates.

‘The van driver immediately failed to stop.

‘The van driver decided the best thing to do to get away from the determined officers was to drive the van into a field.

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© Notts Police

‘One problem he hadn’t noticed, the field was actually furrowed as it was growing potatoes.

‘The van then became a bouncing van as it went over the potato ruts and the scene become more and more like something out of Starsky and Hutch.

‘Realising that the van had no off-road capability he decided to run the rest of the way.

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© Notts Police

‘The driver thought he was achieving something but was actually running to the other Team 2 members who had cut him off.

‘After he tried to run into a farm house he was detained.

‘The sad reality of this job is the offender is actually a child.

‘The child has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated theft of the van which was stolen from Doncaster a day prior, no insurance, no licence and failing to stop.

‘We as Roads Policing Officers are determined to stop these reckless drivers and make our roads a safer place. South Yorkshire Police are now progressing this prisoner. The local farmer was more than happy to drag the van off of his field.’

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