Thursday 29 February 2024
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Police release shocking crash images to warn people to wear seat belts

Shocking images of crashes where the drivers are lucky to be alive have been released to highlight the importance of wearing seat belts.

Police and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue attended the two incidents, one where a car had flipped over on to its roof and another where the roof of a car had to be cut off, and said that the drivers and passengers were undoubtedly saved because they were wearing seat restraints.

car flip pic1
© Notts Fire

A car had overturned on to its roof after colliding off the A52 at Bardills Island in Stapleford at around 9.30am on Saturday 3 April this year. The driver and passenger escaped with minor injuries.

Three people were cut out of a car after two vehicles collided on the A617 in Sutton-in-Ashfield on 7 March 2016. They were treated in hospital.

The force is embarking on a three-week campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of buckling up and that drivers face prosecution if they don’t ensure that they and their passengers are safely strapped in. It will centre around engagement and education along with various enforcement events taking place across the county.

Eight people have died in Nottinghamshire from January 2017 – December 2020 in collisions where they weren’t wearing seat belts. One of those happened last year.

Roads policing Sergeant Craig Luckett, said: “It goes without saying that wearing a seat belt can save your life. It’s the one simple thing we can all do as soon as we sit in a vehicle to instantly protects ourselves and others.

“These pictures are a reminder of what can go wrong on the roads and how vulnerable we are to the elements. Anything can happen at any moment and it might be completely out of your control.

“We are always utilising our resources and coming up with ways to drive down incidents on our roads. We take road safety seriously and work with our partners to ensure the highways are as safe as they can be. Every serious collision is one too many.

“So we ask drivers to support our campaign and make sure they and everyone in their vehicle is strapped in safely and please always make sure that children are wearing the right seat restraint.

“We will be carrying out lots of enforcement action over the next couple of weeks and drivers will face prosecution if they are found to be breaking the law.”

For more information on the laws for seat belts, click here.