Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Police use metal detectors to unearth knives hidden in Nottingham park

Broxtowe Borough Council says CCTV will be enhanced around a park where people are allegedly being threatened with knives.

Nottinghamshire Police attended Coronation Park in Eastwood on Sunday, September 19, following concerns from the local community.

A knives and weapons sweep was carried out, which included using metal detectors to unearth hidden blades in wooded areas.

Cllr Milan Radulovic (Lab), leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, said old CCTV cameras will be replaced around Eastwood including the park to improve public safety.

Nottinghamshire Police said the knife sweep was carried out “following reports from the local community that youths were carrying knives in the park and using them to threaten others and also drug dealing”.

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They added: “Officers used a metal detector and searched through the undergrowth in the wooded areas and in and around the shrubbery and bushes. Thankfully no knives or other bladed items were found on this occasion.”

Cllr Radulovic said investment was being pumped into Coronation Park in the same way as Hickings Lane Recreation Ground in Stapleford.

Around £25,000 is set aside for Hickings Lane Recreation Ground to improve lighting and set up mobile CCTV cameras.

It comes after the murder of 16-year-old Joe Whitchurch on Boxing Day 2020 who was stabbed at a property in Hickings Lane.

He died days later at the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Concerns have also been raised by residents that the park attracts anti-social behaviour and drug dealing.

Talking about the recent concerns at the park in Eastwood, Cllr Radulovic said: “We are working with the police and other agencies looking at complaints including knife crime and anti-social behaviour. We are looking at ways of mitigating it and to ensure the public feel much safer.

“We have carried out a review of all CCTV cameras across Broxtowe and we have come up with a new strategy which is investment in places like Eastwood and Stapleford for new cameras to ensure the police and other agencies can fulfil their roles much better.

“We are upgrading cameras across Eastwood and Coronation Park to ensure public safety.”

Coronation Park has been described as the largest park in the north of Broxtowe with an adventure play area, skate park, football pitch, basketball facility and bowling green.

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