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Police using unmarked HGV on Nottinghamshire roads report 30 driving offences in two days


Police have caught 30 drivers in connection with a variety of offences following a national safety campaign involving a HGV cab.

An unmarked HGV tractor unit has been loaned out to Nottinghamshire Police by Highways England to utilise throughout the year in a bid to tackle dangerous road users.

The force’s roads policing unit have just concluded the first use of the covert tactic this year following a two-day intensive operation.

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During its operational use between the 25-26 February 2021, officers in the unmarked HGV recorded a total of 30 offences.

These offences included two drivers using a mobile device behind the wheel, 22 Not wearing seatbelts, and 6 other recorded offences which also resulted in three vehicles being seized.

In one incident officers stopped a vehicle, he initially provided false details, the officer then utilised a mobile fingerprinting device and was able to confirm his true identity which resulted in him being prosecuted for driving whilst disqualified and his vehicle was seized.

Operation Tramline is a national initiatve and works in partnership with Highways England’s road safety campaign, with the key aim to in making the roads network safer.

The vehicle allows the officer to have an elevated driving position, which will allow them to drive alongside vehicles and record evidence of unsafe driving behaviour. After witnessing potential offences, Nottinghamshire’s roads policing unit are then alerted to pull over the offending drivers.

Sergeant Craig Luckett, of Nottinghamshire’s roads policing unit, said: “My team work tirelessly to keep the roads of Nottinghamshire as safe as possible and this operation is just one of many methods that we have in place.

“The unmarked HGV never fails to bring about results and it’s amazing what people try and get away with behind the wheel. Something which the cab can capture by providing the necessary elevated position for officers to witness offences being committed by all drivers on the road network.

“I cannot stress enough how invaluable this activity is in order to save lives and prevent all manner of crimes that may occur on our road network and I’d just ask drivers to think about what they’re doing… is it worth costing a life or ending up in jail. These sorts of operations take place throughout the year however officers in marked and unmarked vehicles are out every day and endeavour to keep our roads safe.”

Highways England Assistant Regional Safety Co-ordinator Marie Biddulph said: “We know the majority of people drive safely and sensibly but there are unfortunately a minority who flout the law putting themselves and others at risk.

“Working closely with our police partners and through the use of the supercabs we want to encourage all drivers – whatever vehicle they are in – to think twice about their behaviour behind the wheel and make sure everyone gets to their destination safely.”

Nottinghamshire Police plans to conduct further operations involving the HGV cab over the coming months alongside other events and routine roads policing activity.

The force also welcomes information on anyone who may be suspected of driving offences. Please call 101 so the roads policing team can investigate and continue to take dangerous drivers off the roads.