Saturday 4 December 2021
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Police warning after spate of HMRC scam phone calls

"The victims are obviously hugely concerned and left shaken following the phone call."

Nottinghamshire Police has issued a warning to the community following reports of an Inland Revenue scam which is asking the vulnerable for money or face arrest.

The force has received a number of reports this week of people receiving calls informing them there is a warrant out for their arrest and unless they make an immediate payment to HMRC, they will be arrested.

Detective Sergeant Marc Lancaster said: “We have been informed that we’ve had a number of reports of people complaining about this latest scam, so we feel it’s appropriate to bring this to the attention of the public.

“Fraudsters have been cold calling residents across Nottinghamshire and have been targeting the most vulnerable in the community.

“The victims are obviously hugely concerned and left shaken following the phone call.

“In fact one elderly victim last week visited Carlton Police Station and informed officers that he paid more than £2,000 to a person in Birmingham. Sadly he didn’t question why he had to pay cash and send it through the post.

“Thankfully, after excellent neighbourhood policing team work and the force’s fraud department we were able to locate, secure and recover the parcel from the postal system and return the cash to the victim.

“The fraudsters are convincing and the thoughts of being arrested is terrifying for people.

“We are now asking people to inform the older generation and those with vulnerable friends and family about this latest scam.

“This particular scam has been around previously, but it’s becoming more prevalent again.

“A reminder, you’ll never get an email, text message, message in an application (for example WhatsApp) or a phone call from HM Revenue and Customs which tells you about a tax rebate or penalty or asks for your personal or payment information.

“If you receive a suspicious call, do not give any information over the phone and end the call immediately.

“If anyone has any information or if you receive a similar call, please call Action Fraud on 0300-123-2040.”