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Police warning after suspected drunk driver ends up in Nottingham ditch

A suspected drunk driver was arrested after a car ended up in a ditch.

Officers were called to Ossington Road, Carlton-on-Trent, following reports of a crash.

The car had been travelling along the road at around 3:25 am on Monday (11 December) when it lost control.

None of the three people on board were injured, although the car sustained massive damage.

Suspecting the driver could be under the influence of alcohol, officers asked them to take a roadside breathalyser test, which they failed.

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The suspect – an 18-year-old man – was subsequently arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.

PC Jessica Roffe, of Nottinghamshire Police, said:

“A car was written off in a ditch during this incident, but thankfully all three people on board managed to walk away without being injured.

“The fact this was the case was more down to sheer luck than anything else.

“This was also a very lucky escape for the driver, who was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving when they failed a breathalyser test at the roadside.

“There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to ever get behind the wheel while they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“Doing this puts other road users at risk, with drivers’ judgement and reactions being severely impaired.

“Drink-driving and drug-driving can literally destroy lives, whether it’s for those who are harmed, their loved ones who have to pick up the pieces, or the person who is under the influence.

“That decision to drive after having a drink or drugs really isn’t worth the devastating consequences that could follow.”

Nottinghamshire Police is currently in the midst of a month-long campaign aimed at cracking down on drink-driving and drug-driving.

‘A Deadly Mix’ is running throughout December, with officers stepping up drink and drug-drive enforcement operations to keep the roads safe across the county.

Officers have also been holding a series of free roadshow events to try and educate people about the dangers and consequences of driving while under the influence.

The next events are set to be held at Nottingham’s Trinity Square on Thursday 14 December, 5pm-6.30pm, and Mansfield’s Market Square on Friday 15 December, 5pm-6.30pm.

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