Police warning after thefts from vehicles in West Bridgford


Police report that there have been a series of thefts from motor vehicles over the last few weeks in the central West Bridgford area.

The most recent to report was on 21/11/2016 in the Compton Acres shopping precinct where a tablet was stolen from a van which was left unlocked for a short time between 0900 and 0920.

If you have any information regarding this crime or you have seen anything suspicious please call 101 incident  802-21112016.
Also there was an attempted theft from another van which was parked unattended but locked in the Wellbeck Hall car park, Welbeck Road.

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On this occasion they forced entry to the van but possibly been disturbed as nothing was taken.
If you have any information regarding these crimes or have seen anything suspicious please call 101 incident 718-21112016.
Please be aware and remove all items of value from your vehicle where possible.
Also please double check that your vehicle is locked.

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  1. Yet more crime in Compton Acres shopping precinct which seems to be a hotspot for anti social behaviour and theft. A police statement on what they actually intend to do about these crimes occurring on an almost daily basis wouldn’t go amiss.

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