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Post box topper at Edwalton for Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week (9-15 Oct) is now in its 19th year.

Baby Loss Awareness week is an opportunity to support bereaved parents and families, to raise awareness of baby loss and to promote improvements in care to anyone impacted.

The post box is at Edwalton Post Office.

Milehn aged 14 who crocheted the PostBox Topper said: “During lockdown I learnt how to crochet because I needed to learn a new skill for my Duke of Edinburgh Award. My parents told me about baby loss awareness week and my mum suggested that I should crochet a post box topper because we know Raj and Sharan who lost their little boy last year who was 7 months old.”

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Riaan’s parents, Raj and Sharan said: “As recently bereaved parents, Baby Loss Awareness Week brings mixed emotions. One on hand, it is so sad that such a week has to exist, and even more heartbreaking for us is that our baby is one one of far too many that were gone too soon. But, with baby loss being such a difficult journey to navigate through, it is really important that the support is there for those that need it.

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“We know first hand how it feels to have the most precious gift of all taken away from you, and we have received a lot of support along the way. Since losing Riaan we have committed to providing that support to others and raising awareness on what is a very sensitive and challenging area.”

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“It can sometimes feel like you are the only ones in the world that have had to endure this, now we have a chance to unite with others across the world to make a difference.”

Maxine, who is the Chair of Nottinghamshire SANDS said: “Baby Loss Awareness Week isn’t about remembering our babies, we do that every single second of every day. And we will do it for the rest of our days. Baby Loss Awareness Week is about breaking the stigma around baby loss, it’s about raising awareness around what is still a taboo subject despite the statistics.

“This morning I had the absolute honour and privilege of meeting with Milehn and her family in Edwalton.

“Milehn is the youngest person at just 14 who created a post box topper for our Baby Loss Awareness Week project.

“It was made in memory of a precious baby boy Riaan. Raj and Sharan, Riann’s parents, were there to see it be put in place. Thank you all for letting me and Nottinghamshire Sands be a part of such a special moment.

“At Nottinghamshire Sands, everything we do is about supporting the bereaved families of Nottinghamshire and in raising awareness. I am delighted to be here today to stand with you all as a face of baby loss, to unite with you and to break this taboo. I do this carrying my own daughter in my heart and with her giving me the strength.

“The biggest thank you to you for supporting Nottinghamshire Sands Baby Loss Awareness Week project and in remembering such a special little boy.”

Nottingham SANDS

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