Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Public Health Director’s message to Rushcliffe residents as Covid figures the highest in Nottinghamshire

Figures released today show the extent of the virus in Rushcliffe.

Figures released by a joint data unit at Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City County show Rushcliffe continues to run with the highest Covid-19 figures in Nottinghamshire.

Data up to and including 18 June shows that the borough has seen 193 cases in the last seven days and has a rate per 100,000 residents of 161.9 cases.

300 cases have been recorded over the last fourteen days.

The age of cases though shows that since 1 May 2021 90% of cases are in the under 50s, with 72% of cases in age under 30s.

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Rushcliffe Liberal Democrats have called on the Clinical Commissioning Group and Local Authority partners to start surge testing especially those not yet vaccinated.

The Wire asked Jonathan Gribbin, Nottinghamshire’s Director of Public Health about the latest figures, he told us:

“Widespread community transmission of Covid-19 is taking place across Rushcliffe and Nottinghamshire.

“The increase in cases cannot be attributed to any single source but has been observed in a variety of settings including workplaces, a care setting, schools, and where people are socialising without following the following the Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air guidance.

“There has been an increase in rates in many age groups but particularly young adults and secondary school aged children.

“Many of the cases we’re seeing in Rushcliffe and across the county at large are amongst people in age groups that have not yet been vaccinated.

“I would therefore strongly encourage everyone who is eligible to take up the offer of a vaccination without delay.

“The NHS is holding another Big Vaccination event this weekend, where you can grab a jab.  Even if it doesn’t land you in hospital, Covid-19 can leave you with long term fatigue, muscle pains, and other symptoms which seriously impact quality of life.

“By getting vaccinated, you are protecting yourself and your community against this threat to your wellbeing and helping us to safely reach the end of the roadmap.”

“Even after you’ve had your vaccination, it remains important that you carry on with routine twice-weekly testing and the Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air rules.”

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