Thursday 27 January 2022
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Questions about Covid-19 and the jab? Nottingham’s first walk-in Q&A clinic open today

The public will have the opportunity to have their Covid-19 vaccination questions answered at Nottingham’s first ever walk-in Q&A clinic.

The Pop-up Q&A clinic, which will be staffed by a GP and nurse, will run from 10am-2pm on Friday 14th January at The Mary Potter Centre in Hyson Green.

There will be no vaccinations taking place on site, the trained staff will be focused specifically on answering questions, providing information and giving advice.

Nottinghamshire GP Judy Underwood said: “This is an opportunity for anyone with doubts, questions or concerns to come and see an expert and get their questions answered.

“It is so important that people have as much information as possible before deciding whether to get vaccinated. We understand people have concerns, whether it is about side-effects, fertility, your risks from Covid-19 itself, how to book an appointment or whether the vaccines are suitable for you. Come and pick up some information or let us help you find what you need.

“There is a lot of information out there but sometimes it is hard to know where to start and even what to believe. This Q&A clinic is not there to get you vaccinated. It’s to let people ask their own questions, ask about things they’ve read or heard and get reliable advice from an expert. I would urge anyone with concerns or worries to pop down to The Mary Potter Centre on Friday to find out for yourself – you don’t need an appointment just walk in and have a chat!”

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Members of the public interested in speaking to someone will not have to make an appointment; expert clinicians will be available to answer questions between 10am-2pm.

This is the first pop-up Q&A clinic if its kind in Nottingham and the local NHS will be opening more in the coming days and weeks.

Vaccinations are currently underway across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire for first, second and booster doses. There are also third dose appointments for severely immunosuppressed. You can book an appointment by calling 119 or visiting the NHS website. You can find your nearest walk-in clinic on the NHS ‘Grab-a-jab’ website.



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