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West Bridgford
Saturday, 8 May 2021

Resident offers to clean up a West Bridgford Co-op’s rubbish herself!

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A West Bridgford shopper was so horrified by the build up of waste outside Hilton Crescent Co-op that she offered to clear it herself. 

Visiting the Hilton Crescent store today ( 7 August ), the shopper told us,

‘I asked [Co-op staff] for a bag to clear it up and they refused saying it was their responsibility and they would do it! It’s blowing all over the precinct! Bloody disgraceful!

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The woman said that the litter has been overflowing the bins ‘for days’…

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Adding, ‘It’s getting progressively worse! And even blowing inside the actual shop and still no one has done anything as you can see in the picture the small bin in the doorway is also overflowing’

‘I asked for a bag to do it myself, I thought it might be Rushcliffe Borough Council responsibility and it was blowing all over the place, but the member of staff said ‘we are meant to do it and I will’, but he hadn’t in the 30 mins I was there trying to get a number for co-op to complain but how many members of staff and management have walked past it like that as it’s been like it for days!

10:00pm – an update

Sam Archer from the store responded via Facebook

‘I’m the member of staff the customer spoke to.
First I’d like to apologise about the mess, yes it was untidy and yes, someone should have cleaned it up sooner.

‘Within 5/10 minutes of the customer telling me, I cleaned up all of the loose litter and emptied the store’s door bin.

‘I emptied as much of the large bin as possible but unfortunately don’t have the key to remove the lid. Our cleaner may have it but sadly she has been off for a few days with a family tragedy.’

‘Once again, I apologise.’

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